Notice to Customers

We have returned to COVID normal operations.

Our workshop and showroom / office are open but with limited numbers.

On site service and repair work has recommenced under COVID safe plan.

TGC COVID Protocols



  • All customers on a site must wear a mask
  • All customers must maintain 1.5m separation from TGC staff at all times
    If this is not possible TGC Techs will terminate work and leave site.

TGC Staff

TGC staff will always

  • wear masks
  • use gloves where apporpriate
  • Sanitise equipment or parts
  • Sanitise all equipment worked on completion


  • All equipment or parts removed from customer sites will be sanitised prior to loading into vehicles.
  • All equipment will be sanitised again prior to entering TGC’s workshop
  • All equipment or parts will be sanitised on site on completion of work or when re-delivered.
  • New gloves will be used for each site visit where required.
  • Hands will be washed or sanitised on glove removal and prior to glove putting them on.
  • Masks will always be worn
  • Gloves and Masks will be disposed of in line with government requirements.
  • Technicians can make safety determinations on site and terminate work if we cannot operate within TGC’s COVID safe Plans and protocols.