Notice to Customers

We Are Open under Melbourne Stage 4 Restrictions

We are responding to emails and phone calls.

Significant changes have been made to work we can undertake and the conditions in which it can be performed.

General Changes

Effective Thursday 6th August our office, showroom and workshop will be closed to all customers for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Admin, Customer Support and Accounts staff will continue to work remotely, answer phone calls and respond to emails and job requests.

We will have a workshop presence to accept deliveries and pick up of shipments and freight only.

Total Gym Care – Stage 4 Operations

Equipment Repairs

Repairs for permitted* businesses can be conducted on site only were we can operate within a strict COVID Safe Plan**.

Repairs for domestic customers and non-permitted businesses can only be undertaken at TGC’s workshop.
To help you, we have removed the costs associated with the pick-up and return of equipment by TGC Techs, to and from our workshop.

Where possible equipment must be ready “at the door” for pick up.  TGC Techs will only enter sites where disassembly is required to facilitate removal or return.  Please contact us to discuss if this is an option under our COVID Safe Plan**

All equipment repairs must be logged through our website or over phone.

1300 842 712

Walk ins to workshop or office are not permitted.

Gym Cables

Can be shipped to our workshop for replication as per normal mail/freight options.  Log a jog here:

Upholstery / Equipment Pad Repairs

Can be shipped to our workshop or discounted pickups can be organised in the Melbourne Metro Area.  Only “Pick up and Drop off” or “Ship pads to us” options apply.

Log a request here:

or Phone 1300 842 712

Preventative Maintenance

Can only be performed on site for permitted* businesses and where COVID Safe Plan can be adhered to.**

All other sites and regular Preventative Maintenance schedules are on hold until Stage 4 Restrictions are lifted.

New and existing customers are encouraged to log quote requests.  Approved quotes will be actioned when restrictions ease on a first logged first served basis (or actioned if you are permitted* business).

Relocations and Installations

Installations and Relocations, for the most part, are on hold until Stage 4 restrictions are lifted.  Our techs cannot be on site for the significant periods of time that may be required for technical assembly or disassembly.

Some exceptions may apply for “simple” jobs or if you are a permitted* business or for emergency health reasons.

We are happy to discuss and assess your circumstances on a case by case basis.

You can still log installation and relocation requests here if you would like a quote or to assist us to assess if your work is possible under Stage 4 Restrictions:

or call 1300 842 712


Notes and Definitions

Permitted businesses

*A permitted business is one that can operate under Stage 4 guidelines as defined by the Victorian Government.


TGC COVID Protocols




  • All customers on a site must wear a mask
  • All customers must maintain 1.5m separation from TGC staff at all times
    If this is not possible TGC Techs will terminate work and leave site.

TGC Staff

TGC staff will always

  • wear masks
  • use gloves (a new pair every site visit)
  • Sanitise equipment or parts
  • Sanitise all equipment worked on completion



  • All equipment or parts removed from customer sites will be sanitised prior to loading into vehicles.
  • All equipment will be sanitised again prior to entering TGC’s workshop
  • All equipment or parts will be sanitised on site on completion of work or when re-delivered.
  • New gloves will be used for each site visit
  • Hands will be washed or sanitised on glove removal and prior to glove putting them on.
  • Masks will always be worn
  • Gloves and Masks will be disposed of in line with government requirements.
  • Technicians can make safety determinations on site and terminate work if we cannot operate within TGC’s COVID safe Plans and protocols.